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Star Squadron Commander is a tactical space-fleet combat simulator based on a "Rock-Paper-Scissors" mechanic:

Fighters are best at taking out cruisers, Frigates are good at eliminating fighters, and Cruisers are designed to destroy frigates.

Move your fleet around the board and get your ships into position to take out the enemy.

  • Understand your fleet to make your moves count
  • Choose one of six bonus 'powers' or play with none at all
  • Play with 'fog of' war on or off
  • Watch games of 'AI vs. AI'

S.S.C. was completed entirely in less than 7 days, for the 2016 'Seven Day Rogue Like' competition. It is not very roguelike, but it is grid-based and turn-based, and it is a complete bug-free game that meets its original design specifications.

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TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Roguelike, ship, Space, spaceship, strategic, Tactical, Turn-based Strategy

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3. Realize you've heard this joke before

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SSC_7DRL.zip 4 MB

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