What a week! I feel like this was my best 7DRL ever (I've done 8 now). I accomplished so much in this 168 hours (actually less). And I got to work with the artist "Cablenexus" (Jean-Marc Vaatstra) , who I met through one of my other games. Such a great experience! And this is his first time doing pixel art... amazing.

My inspiration this year was to take all the database stuff I learned recently and put it into a Rogue-Like. So I designed a game that would give players rewards based on community goals, such as number of monsters killed, bases establish (think depth reached), bosses defeated, and number of fully-equipped characters launched.

My family was very understanding, and really helped me to get the time I needed to pull this thing off. I met all my design goals, it's a big success. Of course there are still lots of things I'd like to add or tweak, and the outfitting screen will get a visual overhaul, but this 7DRL version stands tall and proud. 

Look for the game to come very soon to Google Play too :)

Thanks to everyone who helped out, I hope you enjoy the game, and remember, more players means more rewards!


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Mar 12, 2018

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Love the more-players-more-rewards idea. Very fresh. And the pixel art is perfect.