A downloadable project for Windows

Created from scratch in less than 24 hours for #procjam2014, this little program will generate an endless stream of alien monsters. It is also capable of making some pretty nice trees, and both use the same color palette.

My plans for procjam were much bigger than this, but I had to work on Approaching Infinity, which relies very heavily on procedural generation, and embraces that jam's theme of "infinity" very nicely...But I've been working on it for over a year, not just the days of the jam.

The theory behind this monster generator is to make the monster one part at a time. Start with the head, and give it features. Then a neck and body below that. Arms come off the body, and hands and fingers come next. Then legs and feet from the bottom.

Trees are made in a similar way: first the trunk, then limbs and branches, then leaves, in varying sizes.

Contains no media. Entirely colored pixels.



ProcJam2014.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and double click blue "ProcJam2014" icon.

Press space for monsters, and enter for trees