A downloadable game for Windows

NET dot SEC is a cooperative strategy game where you and a partner must defend your computer network from self-replicating malware, phishing scams, and hackers.

The network is presented like a base: firewalls and encryption are the defenses, while the hardware, users, and data represent the vulnerabilities.

An unseen army of hackers will attempt to breach your security. The more data they collect from you, the more powerful their attacks will become.

NET dot SEC addresses complex issues such as botnets, denial of service attacks, and signature-based recognition.

Major Features:

  • Cooperative gameplay: work together to identify and defeat threats
  • Real cyber security science: all game units and their behaviors are based on real-world principles
  • Educational approach: each phase of the game introduces new ideas and teaches players how they work, both in the game and in reality


  • Developer: IBOLOGY LLC
  • Publisher: IBOLOGY LLC and Patriots Technology Training Center
  • Category: Real-time strategy, educational
  • Subject: Cyber security
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Availability: Q1 2017

Notes on current alpha version:

  • Requires joysticks (1 or 2)
  • Firing is automatic
  • Enemy has unlimited resources
  • "Defending" (B button) is disabled

Install instructions

This is an alpha. Game is in development for the 2017 Cyber Security Conference.


NET dot SEC 0.51.zip 1 MB